Taxi – Taxicab

A cab, As taxi or CAB, Rent a type of vehicle used by the driver, a small group of passengers or passengers, often not shared journey. The taxi passengers to mediate between the places of their choice. This is different from other modes of transport, where the pick-up and drop-off locations on the service provider, not the way, although the demand respond transport and taxis can share the hybrid bus / taxi mode.

The taxi There are four different forms, which can be identified by slightly different conditions in different countries:

Hackney carriages, As public sale, They hailed or street taxis, Communities throughout the labeling approved
Private hire vehicles, As minicabs or private hire taxis, licensed reservation only
Taxibuses also comes with a lot of variation across developing countries, as jitneys or jeepney, characterized by pre-defined routes, operating more stops and more independent way
Limuzinok, special vehicles, Advance permission

Although the types of vehicles and regulation, leasing, the negotiation and delivery methods vary significantly from country to country, There are a number of common characteristics. disputes, Ride to the smartphone-based signaling service should be regulated, as taxicabs led to the creation of a new classification called in some jurisdictions transport network company.